Human relationships exist between two or more people - me and him/her or them. The Reflective Discovery approach starts with the side of the relationship that I can influence, the 'Discovering Myself'-Space:


Discovering Myself Space


This Reflective Space lies the foundation for the work with Reflective Discovery. It is a time-spaced four-day discovery of oneself, in which you recognise why you react in a specific way in a particular situation.You become aware of your emotions, feelings, thoughts and needs and learn how all of them influence your side of the relationship. You gain more clarity and more options for actions and are more relaxed.


Once you are aware of your 'Self', you can look into specific relationships:


Relationship Space


In our private lives, changes in society with a variety of models of living together like patchwork families, different upbringings of generations and global relationships lead to existing values and beliefs being questioned. In this Reflective Space, which builds on Discovering Myself, the participants support one another in building and sustaining appreciative relationships while staying true to themselves.


Leadership Space


The role of the leader moves away from the heroic leader who knows answers to all questions to a companion who creates an environment so that his people can provide the optimal contribution to the organisation's success. In this Reflective Space, which builds on Discovering Myself, leaders learn how they can create such environments and how they change into the role of companion who communicates with his people as equals. Furthermore, the leaders support one another and rapid-prototype critical leadership situations like one-on-one conversations, meetings and virtual communication.


Team Space


This Reflective Space is for teams that together want to co-create an environment that encourages and supports agile and appreciative collaboration as the foundation of their organisation's culture. This space is semi-structured as team members, facilitated and supported by the Reflective Discovery expert, co-create, practice and adapt the desired culture.


Personal Space


This space follows the traditional coaching approach in a one-one-one setting where the participant, supported by the coach, increases his awareness of his challenges and develops solutions. The Personal Space also complements the other spaces.